Recently, the 1600mmPE pipe production line was successfully started up in the customer’s factory and ran stably. The customer spoke highly of the efficiency and professionalism of Grace’s commissioning engineers!

1600mm PE Pipe Extrusion Line1

1600mm PE Pipe Extrusion Line2

Through many years of practical experience, Grace has developed and produced HDPE water supply pipe and gas pipe production line with unique structure, novel design, high degree of automation, convenient operation and stable and reliable continuous production. The pipeline produced by this production line has moderate rigidity, strength, good flexibility, creep resistance, environmental stress crack resistance and good thermal welding performance, and has become the first choice for urban gas pipelines and outdoor water supply pipes.

1600mm PE Pipe Extrusion Line3

1600mm PE Pipe Extrusion Line4

Post time: Jul-20-2020