Grace Medical assisted two emergency room projects in the western region, and used practical actions to help the Hanhong Love Charity Foundation to jointly launch the “Love, Save in the Country” assistance operation.

-Love and Rescue in the Country: List of Single Emergency Room Items-
1. First aid skills training:
Each township health center selects 1 doctor + 1 nurse to conduct a 15-day closed training in the Beijing expert team;
2. Supplementary first aid equipment:
1 defibrillator monitor + 1 ventilator + 1 multi-parameter bedside monitor + 1 12-channel ECG machine + 1 automatic gastric lavage machine + 1 electric negative pressure suction device + full set of laryngoscope + simple respirator 1 pcs + 1 cardiac compression pump + 1 micro syringe pump + 1 infusion pump + 1 multifunctional rescue bed + 1 treatment cart + 1 emergency car + 1 footrest + 1 resuscitation board + medical blood pressure monitor 1 + 1 UV disinfection lamp car and other 18 kinds of emergency equipment;
3. Emergency project management:
According to the Charity Law, 10% of the total funds raised will be used as the project management fee of the foundation to ensure the reasonable and sustainable development of the project.

-Every second, a miracle can happen-
Han Hong’s Love and Rescue in the Country Project—The Western Region Emergency Room Assistance Program aims to provide professional general emergency training for the grassroots in the western region and enrich the first aid equipment of township hospitals.

The ultimate goal is to make the township emergency room aided by the project become a reliable place to save lives in the local area, so that every second in the emergency room can be miraculous.

-Public welfare first, promote corporate social responsibility-
Public welfare allows us to rethink the meaning of life and redefine the mission of the enterprise; to practice the business philosophy of “being the people of the world, people-oriented, and taking into account justice and profit”, to further promote the spirit of public welfare, transfer the energy of love, and jointly inject positive energy into social welfare. Realize the harmonious development of enterprises and society.

Love the society, love without boundaries
Happy to be kind and good to give to others|Shangshan is like water affects society
For thousands of years, whether it is the Confucian “benevolent love others” proposition, or the Taoist “Tao to help the world” and Buddhism “Puddle all living beings”, it has all embodied people’s good wishes to behave with kindness and be kind to the world.

Thinking of Drinking Water|Giving back to the society
Grace Machinery, adhering to the tenet of perfection and perseverance, has always shouldered and fulfilled its social responsibilities.
In terms of public welfare, Grace actively responds to the call for “precise poverty alleviation”, strengthens charity construction, continues to cultivate public welfare undertakings, actively plays the role of social organizations, adheres to public welfare advocacy, promotes harmonious social development, and plays its due role in promoting social progress and building a harmonious society effect.

Love Me China-”Love, Save in the Country”
Social welfare undertakings are the continuation of China’s fine traditions.
Under the influence of the national epidemic situation, the public welfare industry needs to unite more closely, gather sand into a tower, and every tiny gravel can be a part of this charity pyramid. Through their respective advantages, they can carry out more public welfare projects that meet social needs. We work together to promote the development of the public welfare industry.

About Hanhong Love Charity Foundation
Promote Righteousness | Dedication and Love | Helping the Poor in Danger | Harmonious Symbiosis
Beijing Hanhong Love Charity Foundation was initiated by Ms. Han Hong. It was registered and established in Beijing Municipal Bureau of Civil Affairs on May 9, 2012. It is a local foundation (charitable organization) with independent legal personality. The 2015 China Social Organization Assessment The grade is 4A, and on August 8, 2019, it officially obtained the “charitable organization public fundraising qualification”.
From 2016 to 2019, in the China Foundation Transparency Index rankings, Beijing Hanhong Charity Foundation ranked first with a perfect score of 100.


Post time: Oct-25-2020