Collect wisdom and beauty, build dreams and set sail.

Leading by projects is not only a requirement for graduate students in colleges and universities, but also a requirement for Grace Machinery to use the strength of universities in scientific research.


In December 2020, Grace Machinery and Jiangsu University of Science and Technology began to build a postgraduate workstation in Jiangsu Province. The two parties use the workstation as a link to extract research topics based on the urgent problems in the production and development of plastic extrusion equipment and plastic recycling equipment, and organize research and development in the form of projects Personnel, postgraduate tutors and incoming postgraduates conduct research.

Jiangsu Enterprise Graduate Workstation 

“Jiangsu Provincial Enterprise Graduate Workstation” is jointly authorized by the Jiangsu Provincial Department of Education and the Jiangsu Provincial Department of Science and Technology. It is an innovative carrier for the Jiangsu Provincial Government to organize and implement political, industry, academic, and research cooperation in the field of graduate education. It is to further expand and strengthen the school The new channel of enterprise-enterprise cooperation is also a new measure to broaden the cultivation of graduate students and improve the practical ability of graduate students. It will provide a broad stage for technological innovation and practical application of both schools and enterprises.


Combining wisdom and beauty to shape the future

Combining wisdom and beauty to shape the future In recent years, Grace Machinery insists on high-quality and transformational development. Technical research and management optimization are the main problems Grace faces. It is urgent to develop school-enterprise industry-university-research cooperation with colleges and universities to jointly solve talent training , Technical research, project implementation and other aspects.

With the approval of the “Jiangsu Enterprise Graduate Workstation”, both the school and the enterprise will jointly carry out project research, and utilize their respective strengths and advantages to cooperate in applying for scientific research results, continuously improve the core competitiveness of the enterprise and the scientific research level of universities, and cultivate more high-level universities for universities Scientific research talents provide enterprises with more practical high-end R&D talents.

In this cooperation, Grace Machinery is precisely linked with Jiangsu University of Science and Technology in order to cultivate high-level plastic extrusion equipment and plastic recycling equipment innovative research and development talents, and jointly help regional plastic extrusion equipment and plastic recycling equipment manufacturing fields to the high-end key industry chain Field development.


About GRACE Machinery

Based in Jiangsu, China, Jiangsu Grace Machinery Co., Ltd. focuses on global development, focusing on the field of plastic extrusion and recycling equipment manufacturing. It is an equipment supplier integrating design, research and development, production, sales and service. It has more than 109 worldwide Customers in countries and regions provide a wide range of products and services.


Post time: Dec-25-2020