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On the morning of September 3, Mr. Lei Wang, Senior Vice President of Manitowoc Tower Machinery Business Emerging Markets and President of China Region, and his party were invited to visit Grace.

The two parties had in-depth and enthusiastic exchanges on lean manufacturing in advanced manufacturing, quality management, product upgrades and talent development.

Talk to the world-class factory Manitowoc and talk about the future together1

As a leader in the world’s crane industry, Mr. Wang gave a detailed introduction to Manitowoc’s lean manufacturing development process. Three years ago, China’s tower crane industry was still in the bottom climbing stage. Under such difficult circumstances and under the auspices of rising Chinese brands, it is not an easy task to bring a desperate international brand on the right track.

For Manitowoc, the changes in the past three years are not easy. Mr. Wang, who is good at looking for opportunities in contrarian situations, makes great efforts to make adjustments. Based on Manitowoc’s world-important production base-Zhangjiagang Factory, he has guided his successful business philosophy in the past, including lean activities involving all employees, and customer needs. The product design improvement of the company was quickly implemented in Manitowoc, and integrated with the Asia-Pacific region and the Chinese market. The past three years have achieved remarkable results.

Implementation, focusing on details and top-down lean activities for all employees, not only stimulated the positive energy of employees, but also mobilized initiative and enthusiasm. Accumulated bit of experience and the crystallization of laborers’ wisdom, added more connotations in terms of manufacturing process, production process, tools and tooling for intelligent and automated factory in Zhangjiagang. The lean activities implemented in the Zhangjiagang factory in recent years have enabled Manitowoc Potain to truly obtain benefits from the factory. Quality control, production efficiency, output per unit area, and manufacturing costs have been continuously improved.

Talk to the world-class factory Manitowoc and talk about the future together2

Adhering to the craftsman spirit of “being the best”, Grace continues to learn from the gains of world-class companies, continuous improvement, providing customers with high-quality and efficient products and services is a clear path for Grace to improve. “Incorporate hundreds of rivers into the sea industry, think ahead and win the future.”

Post time: Sep-04-2020