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On January 20, 2021, Grace Machinery and Zhangjiagang High-speed Rail New City Management Committee held a settlement signing ceremony on the “Intelligent Equipment Manufacturing and R&D Base Project”.

Yan Yaming, Director of the Management Committee of Zhangjiagang High-tech Zone, Ms. Zhang Yanli, Minister of Zhangjiagang High-speed Rail New City Investment Department, and relevant leaders of the Economic Service Department and the Ministry of Construction attended the meeting; Mr. Yan Dong, Chairman of Jiangsu Grace Machinery Co., Ltd., and Ms. Zhu Hui, representative of Huige Technology (Singapore) , Company Vice President Wang Hua, Project Director Pei Guangyao, Operations Director Huang Youliang, and R&D and Design Director Mr. Peter, jointly participated in and witnessed this signing ceremony.

As the Zhangjiagang High-speed Rail New City Manufacturing Demonstration Project, the signing parties further discussed the planning, design and operation of Grace’s intelligent equipment manufacturing and R&D base project.

In recent years, Grace has continued to increase investment in innovation and strive for excellence. Actively cooperate with scientific research institutions and universities in the industry around the world, introduce technology partners, and jointly explore innovative and optimized application solutions based on user thinking, so as to provide the market and customers with higher-value products and services.


The signing of this project is a good start for the cooperation between the two parties. I believe that with joint efforts and giving full play to their respective advantages and resources, sincere cooperation will surely achieve mutual benefit and win-win results. While successfully building intelligent plastic machinery and equipment, it will also be more important Inject new vitality.

Post time: Jan-20-2021