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GRACE is based on Jiangsu China, and keeps the whole world development in view. Focuses on plastic extrusion and recycling equipment manufacturing field, GRACE is an equipment supplier integrating design, R&D, production, sales and service.


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We have provided a wide range of products and services to our customers from more than 106 countries and regions. We are constantly keep on improving our products together by the science, technology and "Human Element". Our vision is to be a top plastic equipment supplier in the world, base on the spirit of this principle, we are not only made our best to meet the market demand, as well also continue to strengthen our competitiveness. through seamlessly customer contacts, with years of experience in technology, R & D capabilities, manufacturing process and mold technology to meet the various needs of customers. We are proud that through the cooperation of customers, our products keep innovation on paced at the speed of various demands. 

Our pursuit of professional products has a plentiful of industry experience to serve customers for the purpose, in the design and manufacture of products has reflects the suitability of customer and market demand.