4th, November, 2020, Mr. PETER FRANZ, Chief Engineer of Technology and R&D of Grace, gave a wonderful technology sharing on “Frontier Energy-saving Technologies and Development Trends of Plastic Pipe Manufacturing” at the press conference in Hall 5 of Nanjing International Expo Center2020-1

Grace has effectively reduced the energy consumption of the extrusion line through a series of technical changes such as improving the high-efficiency extruder, enhancing the extrusion energy efficiency, changing the traditional pipe cooling technology, changing the material drying method, changing the mold technology and saving the water consumption, etc.


Increasing energy costs have plagued the development of many companies. On the road of innovative research and development, Grace always thinks from the perspective of customer value. It is Grace’s goal to provide customers with lower energy consumption and higher output equipment.


Post time: Nov-05-2020