18th May, the three-day AFRO PLAST exhibition was held in the Egyptian capital Cairo. Grace with local agents joined in the exhibition, and the response was enthusiastic.



AFRO PLAST exhibition is one of the largest and influential exhibitions in the Middle East. In recent years, AFRO PLAST has become one of the most important platforms for enterprises to open up the Middle East market.


Grace specializes in high-quality plastic pipe and profile extrusion equipment as well as plastic recycling equipment. With its customers covering 109 countries and regions,Grace will provide professional pre-sales consultation and after-sales services for Middle Eastern customers.


Grace showed the 36L/D parallel twin extrusion equipment which meets  customers’ demands for higher output. Taking the 110mm * 3.2mm drainage pipe as an example, thanks to excellent molds and extrusion, the output(depend on the formula) can reach over 1000kg per hour.

Post time: May-24-2023