Grace Attended Saudi PPPP Exhibition with the Latest Pipe Extrusion Equipment

2023 Saudi Arabia PPPP Exhibition, which lasted for 4 days, ended successfully on Thursday at the Riyadh International Convention Center. PPPP Exhibition is the largest international exhibition in the rubber and plastic industry in the Middle East. As the largest economy in the Middle East, Saudi Arabia aims to achieve economic diversification through the “Vision 2030″ plan. The country’s finance, investment, and projects have welcomed important development opportunities. With a constantly growing population of over 32 million, demands for various goods and services from consumer goods to electricity, healthcare services, and infrastructure are promoted. The demand for new jobs among young people in Saudi Arabia is also growing.


For the strong development in the infrastructure field, the PPPP exhibition has received widespread attention, with a record high number of attendees and exhibitors. Grace continues to deepen its localization strategy and increase investment, attending the exhibition with the largest booth among the Chinese manufacturers in the plastic pipeline industry. Grace showed the pioneered 40 L/D low-melt temperature single screw extruder, as well as the industry-leading 36 L/D parallel twin screw extruder, leading the iteration of technology in the field of high-speed and large-diameter or even ultra large diameter pipeline extrusion, and empowering the construction of water transmission networks in Saudi Arabia and surrounding markets. During the exhibition, the signed intention sales amount exceeded tens of millions of US dollars.

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Grace continues to increase its investment in the Egyptian service center (October 6th city), meanwhile, it has also established a service and sales center in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia. As new technologies are introduced to the market, customer responsiveness will also be further enhanced.

Post time: Jun-16-2023