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On June 6, Grace machinery held a celebration with the theme of “ten years of ingenuity, building up dreams for the future”. All employees of Grace gathered together to witness the milestone of the tenth anniversary of Grace machinery.



Jeff Zhu, production director of Grace, make an opening speech: “in the past ten years, we have made great achievements, created the excellent brand of “Grace”, and our business is booming. But opportunity is always side with challenge, glory lives with dream, joy is accompanied by sweat, success is accompanied by hardship. Let us all take root in Grace and work together for a better tomorrow! ”


Edward Yan, general manager of Grace, made a speech and reviewed the achievements:

Advanced technology – the large-diameter pipe line outshines others, and the new high-performance extruder is leading in the industry.

Stable growth performance – the performance has exceeded 100 million since 2018, and it is expected to exceed 200 million in 2022.

Professional services – more than 100 countries, 25 overseas agents and 4 service centers, providing customers with timely and efficient services.

First class management talents – experienced engineers, highly educated management.

Excellent employees – a group of hardworking, optimistic and positive employees.


One employee representative said: “we have personally experienced Grace’s development and growth, and we are extremely proud of our participation. The company is like a ship to us. It is full of the success and hope. When every employee on the ship sails wholeheartedly, the company will ride the wind and waves, overcome difficulties and thorns, and smoothly reach a better other shore.”


Award for 5-year employees


Award for 10-year employees

Ten years of Grace machinery

June, 2012 – Grace machinery was established.

November, 2016 – Grace machinery was rated as “high tech enterprise”.

December, 2017 – move the factory and expand the scale.

November, 2018 – delivery of 7-layer PE pipeline, which meets North American standards.

December, 2018 – the performance exceeded 100 million for the first time.

July, 2019 – breakthrough in 1200mm HDPE pipe line.

April, 2020 – breakthrough in 1600mm HDE pipe line.

September, 2020 – Peter Franz, a top engineer in the industry, joined grace and introduced German technology.

June, 2021 – rated as “small giant enterprise of Zhangjiagang City”.

September, 2021 – the foundation of a new intelligent factory covering an area of 35000 square meters was laid.

May, 2021 – developed 36D parallel twin screw extruder successfully.

February, 2022 – the new factory in Tangqiao high tech Zone was officially opened.

April, 2022 – successful development of 40D single screw extruder.

April, 2022, – with an export value of more than 60 million for three consecutive years, it was rated as the “sample enterprise of the export leading index survey of the Jingang Customs”.

Post time: Jun-11-2022