Wang Weihai, Vice President of Midea Group, visited Grace Machinery

On October 31, Mr. Wang Weihai, Vice President of Midea Group, visited Grace Machinery and had a highly fruitful visit and exchange.

Mr. Wang Weihai’s visit was warmly welcomed by all the employees of Grace Machinery. It provides employees with a unique opportunity to interact directly with industry giants and share experiences and insights.


During the exchange, Wang Weihai expressed his appreciation for Grace Machinery’s management and production processes, and provided valuable suggestions and guidance to help the company further improve efficiency and innovation capabilities. He emphasized the importance of quality control and R&D investment in industry competition and encouraged Grace Machinery to make continuous efforts in these aspects to provide better products and services.

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Wang Weihai and the Grace Machinery executive team discussed areas such as intelligent manufacturing, industrial automation and digital transformation. Grace Machinery CEO Yan Dong said that this visit is a valuable experience sharing to provide customers with more excellent products and service.


Wang Weihai’s visit not only injected new vitality into Grace Machinery, but also injected more impetus into the development of the industry.

Post time: Nov-02-2023