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PVC Automatic Metering, Weighing, Mixing And Extruder Feeding System

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PVC Automatic Metering, Weighing, Mixing And Extruder Feeding System1

The mix weights are valid for PVC-suspension formula with an apparent density of 0,55kg l inclusive of additives and for plasticized PVC –suspension with a percentage of plasticizers not greater than 40 p h r Direct current motors, frequency variators Or soft-start can be fitted to all models on request

Value advantage
1. TOLEDO(USA) bellows metering sensors and control instrumentation, dynamic stability, measurement accuracy, dynamic accuracy ± 3 ‰
2. The use of metering screw unique anti-stick layers and homogenized structure, eliminating influence of measurement accuracy factor
3. Uses a unique airbag unloading device, completely eliminate the trouble of viscous material “bridging”
4. Fully enclosed material handling systems to prevent secondary pollution of materials and environment
5. A variety of system combinations mode, adapt to many type of plant conditions


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