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1. The head part has water cooling and thermocouple temperature control device to ensure the temperature of the head and ensure the plasticizing effect;
2. The head part is equipped with air cooling flow channel, to prevent the machine overheating then plasticizing material;
3. The capacity and temperature can be adjusted within a certain range to meet the needs of different production environments;
4. Discharging conveyor matches with split centrifugal fan, greatly prolong the service life of fan. Wind pressure and wind can be adjusted to meet
different conveying speed and conveying capacity;
5. Split type cylinder can be freely removed and replaced. Compared to the traditional integral machine cylinder, can reduce the user’s replacement
and maintenance costs;
6. With overload automatic positive and reverse function, effectively avoid material blocking, material plasticizing and other problems. electrical
procedures and upper material delivery are fully linked, to ensure the stability of feeding and discharging;
7. Whe output part of the machine is equipped with scattered devices, to maximize the reduction of large mass of agglomerate material, to ensure
the stability and smoothness of the following air delivery;
8. Electrical control part all adopts well-known brand electrical components. controlling system takes PLC touch screen with button operation mode,
all parameters can be set according to different working conditions and demand free, easy and simple to operate.

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