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Product introduction
Brief introduction of stone paper products:
Stone paper is a new material between paper and plastic, which can not only replace the traditional part of functional paper, professional paper, but also replace most of the traditional plastic packaging. And with

It has the characteristics of low cost and controllable degradation, which can save users a lot of costs without pollution. From the perspective of replacing some traditional paper, it can save a lot of forest for the society.

Wood resources, and can reduce the secondary pollution generated in the papermaking process; from the perspective of replacing traditional part of plastic packaging, it can save the country a lot of strategic resources oil (each ton can be used).

Save 2.3 tons of oil), the product can be degraded after use, and will not cause secondary or secondary white pollution. The environmental protection new material stone paper industry takes a wide range of materials, product upgrades, technology upgrades, application fields.

The expanded space is very broad and is a sunrise industry with extremely strong vitality.

Value advantage
Eneral Overview of Stone paper production line stone wall paper/notebook making machine.

The paper is coated by blowing film,streamer or calender,and the coating solution is prepared according to the formula.the on the coating machine for coating production,this equipment adopts the method of rotary type reverse coating,through paper and reverse.
formed between coating roller,coating material feeding foller speed difference,realizes the uniformity and stability of coating adhesion on paper,again after oven to dry,repeat the same action to coating on paper back,finally the stability of the constant tension winding can be finished stone paper roll.
Main Components of Stone paper production line stone wall paper/notebook making machine.

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